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The epros®DrainPacker method is a suitable option for repairing underground gravity sewer pipes and pressurized pipelines in a sectional manner. This process offers structural repair by securely fitting into the sewer pipes of both public and private sewerage systems. The method is approved for pipe sizes ranging from DN 100 to DN 800 and can accommodate different cross-sections, including egg-shaped ones.

With epros®SilicateResins, you can expect high chemical and heat resistance. The components of this method can effectively create a strong bond with various pipe materials such as asbestos cement, cast iron, concrete, ductile cast iron, plastics (HDPE, PVC, PP), reinforced concrete, and vitrified clay. These resins perform exceptionally well even in extreme temperature.

The installation process is quick and easy, and there are no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present, making it styrene-free. Additionally, the resin exhibits minimal shrinkage, less than 0.6%. This method is also suitable for critical areas like airports and tunnels due to its self-extinguishing properties once the resin is cured.

The epros®DrainPacker is designed to address a variety of damages that can occur in pipelines. These damages include leaks at pipe joints, walls, transitions, and junctions, as well as displaced pipes, cracks, debris, ruptures, and corrosion.

With the use of short and flex packers, the epros®DrainPacker allows for the maintenance of service flow during the cure time, eliminating the need for costly bypass pumping.

The epros®DrainPacker has a tested service life of 50+ years, equivalent to 10,000 hours of operation. It comes highly recommended by experienced users worldwide, with over 100,000 installations taking place annually.

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