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24/7 Smartlock Repairs

The Australian design and made Smart Lock is a durable and versatile solution for sealing pipes against root infestation, ground water ingress, and joint displacements. It consists of a smooth bore, stainless steel sleeve combined with a fibreglass woven mat impregnated with silicate resin. This fibreglass matting can be layered to enhance sealing effectiveness and strength.

With a design life of 100 years, the Smart Lock sleeve is made from a material that is known for its long-term suitability in stormwater and sewer conditions. It is compatible with various classes, jointing systems, and materials, including concrete, VC, PVC, steel, ductile iron, HDPE, and composite piping.

Smart Lock is commonly used for pipe repairs, including fixing broken and damaged pipes, addressing cracks, holes, and splits, dealing with redundant lateral connections, decoupled and disconnected joints, and filling voids in pipes that require structural form and integrity.

This trenchless, no-dig spot repair solution restores the structural strength and integrity of deformed and damaged pipes. The installation process is fast and highly productive, as the impregnated fibreglass matting cures behind the stainless-steel sleeve, resulting in minimal downtime for infrastructure/roads, reduced setup time (no need for bypass pumps), and the ability to complete more repairs in the day.

Future, aggressive cleaning, root cutting, and relining can be performed without worrying about causing any damage to the Smart Lock. This component can be specifically designed as a stand-alone structural pipeline, following the guidelines set by AS/NZS 2566.1:1998 – Buried Flexible Pipes, Part 1: Structural Design. It has received approvals from the Water Services Association of Australia and WRC Approved, ensuring its professional quality.

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