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Experience the confidence of informed decision-making with our Sewer and Stormwater Drain CCTV Inspections. Armed with high-definition visuals and technical precision, these inspections provide a thorough understanding of your wastewater infrastructure’s condition. Our experts meticulously evaluate each detail, equipping you with invaluable insights for your current and future projects. This service is not just an inspection, but a risk analysis tool, comparing pipe conditions and failure probabilities to potential repercussions. Trust this essential resource for municipalities, natural gas utilities, and engineering firms striving to meet deadlines and budgets. Choose our Sewer and Stormwater Drain CCTV Inspections for reliability, accessibility, and quality data that drives success.

Get a clear view of your pipeline with IPEK Rovion

Ensure the integrity and efficiency of your pipeline with the advanced CCTV inspection technology of IPEK Rovion. Detect and prevent issues before they become costly problems.

Effortlessly Code Your Pipeline With WINCAN

Our coding service streamlines the process of coding your pipelines, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. Let us handle the coding so you can focus on what matters most

Clear and inspect your culverts with our Hi-pressure cleaning and camera technology

Keep your roads clear and flowing smoothly with our Hi-pressure water cleaning and Hi-tech camera system. Ensure proper drainage and identify any potential issues before they become a problem.


How Long Does A CCTV Pipe Inspection Take?

Typically, a CCTV pipe inspection for each line usually requires approximately one hour. However, the duration may vary depending on the magnitude of the project and the extent of the damage.

How long does it take to ship data after completion of video inspections, coding and transfer?

Normally once data after video passes quality control if video size is small enough we can offer uploading to storage cloud or post USB overnight with Australian Post.

How Far Do You Travel?

Our operations are centered in Toowoomba, but we are willing to travel anywhere necessary to complete the job. Our team is equipped with the necessary tools to remove the camera from our van, enabling us to safely and efficiently cover all regions of Australia, whether by driving or flying.

What Pipe Size Can You Camera?

Our range of cameras covers from 40mm to 2000mm in Pipe Diameter. . Additionally, we provide WINCAN reports for all CCTV inspections.

How Much Does A CCTV Inspection Cost?

The cost of pipe inspections may vary depending on the specific job requirements. To obtain an accurate estimate, it is recommended to provide us with detailed job plans or request an on-site assessment by our team.

What do you need to supply to book job?

To confirm the booking for the job, kindly email us a copy of the site plans and a purchase order. This is necessary for ensuring a professional and safe process.

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