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24/7 CCTV Pipeline Inspection Service

Introducing our 24/7 CCTV Pipeline Inspection Service, an essential solution for maintaining the reliability and safety of your sewer and stormwater drain systems. Engineered to detect and resolve blockages, our state-of-the-art video cameras meticulously inspect underground networks, spotting structural damages before they escalate into significant problems. Our certified technicians, proficient in WSA05, guarantee not only efficient identification but also cost-effective trenchless repairs. With a 50-year guarantee on all repairs, this service is a testament to our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Trust us for a professional, accessible approach that ensures the health of your pipelines around the clock.


Utilising CCTV Pipe Inspection Services is essential when managing a vast public pipe network and potential damage. Our services provide an all-encompassing solution, enabling the identification and prioritization of necessary repairs. We specialize in sewer and stormwater drain CCTV inspections, accommodating pipes from 40mm to 2 meters in diameter.

We employ the most recent WinCan software to generate detailed, easy-to-understand reports, documenting defects, intrusions, joints, junctions, and connections. High-resolution images and videos support these records, offering visual proof of your system’s current condition. This data-centric approach facilitates accurate planning and scheduling of future maintenance and repairs.

All inspections strictly adhere to the Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia WSA05 standards. Post-inspection, we offer comprehensive technical support, together with a USB containing your inspection footage. You can also choose our customizable reports, designed to comply with local municipal authority requirements. Trust us to consistently deliver proficient, trustworthy, and high-caliber service.



CCTV Inspection crawler cameras are regularly used to examine storm drains for any signs of cracks, leaks or blockages. Coast and Country CCTV specializes in providing these services to engineers, contractors and municipal authorities and working on government, industrial, commercial, and residential projects. These CCTV Inspection crawler cameras are an essential tool for preventative maintenance, as they help identify and address potential problems related to storm water network.

Push Camera CCTV INSPECTION - Sewer/Stormwater

In certain cases, your drainage issues may go beyond a basic blockage. Our professional team offers Lateral services that include a thorough video inspection of your private sewer lateral in both residential and commercial buildings. By utilizing our advanced cameras and equipment, we can accurately identify the areas that require repair without the need for extensive digging or system replacement. Rest assured, our services will ensure that your plumbing functions efficiently while saving you both time and money.

Sewer Alignment and Drain Depth

The CCTV robotic crawler is equipped with a locatable sonde, which enables surface tracking to provide the Project Manager with approximate depths and locations of underground services. This important information ensures the safety of your workers and minimizes the chances of accidents and injuries during construction work.

CCTV inspection for BOS & BOSW Applications

Does your local municipal authority require a Pre and Post CCTV inspections for your construction project?

Before starting a construction project, it is often important to conduct a survey of the condition of drains, sewers, and pipes. This is done to identify any potential issues or problems that may exist. The purpose of this survey is to assess the overall state of the drains, sewers, or pipes in and around the construction site that may be affected by the upcoming construction activities. This is especially important when the construction activities may cause vibrations of varying levels.

After the construction work is completed, a post-construction survey can be carried out to determine if any new issues or problems have arisen as a result of the construction activities.

Pre & Post Pipe Installation

In the construction industry, it is standard procedure to conduct inspections on newly installed pipes to ensure their proper installation. Often, shallow drain lines, sewers, or plastic pipes can be damaged or crushed by heavy equipment during the construction process. To address this issue, Coast and Country CCTV offers professional crawler camera (CCTV) services to capture video footage of the condition of these pipes after construction. All our services adhere to the latest Conduit Inspection Reporting Code of Australia WSA05 and are recorded and analyzed using WinCan software.

WINCAN Inclination Reports

Utilizing state-of-the-art robotic CCTV cameras, we have the capability to conduct thorough fall and grade assessments for any pipeline or asset. Equipped with built-in levels, our CCTV tractor accurately records changes in elevation along the length of the pipe and utilizes this data to generate the pipe level grade.


By analyzing the resulting report, you can ascertain whether the actual inclination aligns with the design specifications, identify any deviations from the maximum or minimum inclination requirements outlined in AS/NZS 3500, gain insights into the flow characteristics (both turbulent and laminar) within the pipe and the entire network, and pinpoint potential areas of flow loss. This information can assist in determining the appropriate pump capacities and power requirements, among other considerations.

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